And the youth, mess ! – Télérama

What are we going to make of our children? Young French on four is.... Read more (pdf)

30/08/2017 - Télérama

Not easy the shootings of the Roads of the Impossible

Since 10 seasons, thanks to the Roads of the Impossible, the televiewers are pulled.... Read more (pdf)

28/08/2017 - Téléstar

Plea in favour of a sacrificed youth – Le Monde

Jean-Charles Doria followed the difficult insertion on the labor market of six young graduates.. Read more (pdf)

07/09/2017 - Le Monde

Mozambique: Life stronger than anything – Le Parisien

Tony Comiti’s teams set off on their quest for new Routes of the Impossible,.... Read more (pdf)

30/06/2017 - Le Parisien

The Paris Fair in all its stalls

Everything, Everything, you will know everything about the Paris Fair, whose 2017 edition is.... Read more (pdf)

26/04/2017 - Le Figaro

The Paris Fair – Interview Alicia Castanheira (director – Tony Comiti Productions)

Alicia Castanheira (10 days of follies at the Paris Fair, TMC): “I tried to.... Read more (pdf)

26/04/2017 - Toute la Télé

Diana: The Truth About His Death – Paris Match

The Paris Match issue comes out simultaneously with our documentary: “Death of Diana: The.... Read more (pdf)

01/06/2017 - Paris Match


Zone Interdite returns behind the scenes at Puy du Fou

For the second time since 2015, the magazine of M6 (and the teams of.... Read more (pdf)

24/07/2016 - TV Magazine

Prisonistan – Islamists in prison: The Prophets of the Shadow – TV Obs

Tony Comiti’s teams were able to enter the bars of Fleury Merogis and capture.... Read more (pdf)

25/02/2016 - Télé Obs

For the Gold of Borneo – The Routes of the Impossible – Le Figaro

Diving in the heart of the forest of the island of Southeast Asia, which.... Read more (pdf)

05/07/2015 - Le Figaro

Islamists in prison – Télérama

Tony Comiti’s teams were able to enter the bars of Fleury Merogis and capture.... Read more (pdf)

24/02/2016 - Télérama

Depardieu with open heart

Faced with the goal of his friend the photographer Richard Melloul, the actor evokes.... Read more (pdf)

01/05/2015 - Le Figaro


Zone Interdite infiltrates the Elysee

For nearly 5 months the cameras (of Tony Comiti) followed the daily newspaper of.... Read more (pdf)

26/04/2015 - TV MAG

The Guardian Angels of New York

The cameras of Tony Comiti followed the guardian angels of New York. One is.... Read more (pdf)

25/10/2015 - Télé 7 Jours

Immersion in the heart of the Elysée

The teams of Zone Interdite plunged into the heart of French political power for.... Read more (pdf)

08/04/2015 - Le Figaro


All Terrain

It is a sort of maverick with an exceptional flair and extreme audacity. Man.... Read more (pdf)

01/10/2009 - Nouvel Observateur

Tony Comiti, an image fighter

At nearly 60 years, he directs one of the most prolific production boxes in.... Read more (pdf)

09/11/2009 - TV Grandes Chaines

The chains snatch his reports

His name is in the credits of most news magazines, including “66 Minutes” tonight.... Read more (pdf)

17/06/2009 - Le Parisien


High-tension summer in the Iraqi capital

If the first issue had left us on our exclusive side, this one is.... Read more (pdf)

29/09/2005 - Tele 2 semaines

RAID, Extreme Risk Officers

Amazing images, a manly comment, an intimate atmosphere … Difficult to move on to.... Read more (pdf)

27/09/2005 - France Soir

Innovative traffickers

. Read more (pdf)

20/09/2005 - Le Monde

In the hell of Baghdad with a great French reporter

With his camera as his only companion, Paul Comiti has interfered in the hotspots.... Read more (pdf)

10/03/2005 - Télé Loisirs