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Founded by Tony Comiti, a Senior Correspondent, the Productions Tony Comiti press agency is now one of the principal independent suppliers of documentaries, reports and investigations to the major French and foreign television channels. Leading player of the French TV production, Tony COMITI with his subsidiary Kaliste Production puts his expertise in the service of the brands, the institutions and the advertising agencies, the digitales or the media.

First and foremost, Productions Tony Comiti is a team of 40: reporters, cameramen, investigators, senior correspondents, editors and producers adhering to the strictest journalistic standards in cutting-edge enquiries and investigations.

This team has won the agency recognition from both broadcasters and juries of international awards.
The flexibility of the structure, together with its ability to implement major resources when necessary, enables the agency to provide broadcasters with content of the latest interest.

The agency’s current catalogue contains more than 2800 films and the agency comprises a staff of fifteen reporters supervised by a managing editor and managing director : Patrice Lucchini, a team of editors in chief: Floriane Chaume, Rémy Vincent, Sandrine Andréi, Vincent Lepreux, Laurent Dy & Anne-Laure Larget a production manager : Arnaud Denoual and an associate general manager : Dominique Carel. Some sixty freelance professionals also work in permanent collaboration with the agency.

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