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  • Author : Laura Spinosi
  • 13-12-2020
  • Master : 3000


Faced with the closure of bars, restaurants, sports venues and the ban on holding hospitality events, more and more of the French have decided to rebel. All over the hexagon, resistance is forming in contempt of the law and the health risks. Teams from Enquête Exclusive have investigated those who are taking every risk. In the heart of Paris, large numbers of underground parties are being held. They are announced on social media and the address is given at the last minute. Last weekend, 300 party-goers gathered in the basements of the capital to party until the early hours. The watchword: off with the masks. The risk for the organisers: 1 year in prison, €15,000 fine. In the Paris suburbs, some Hookah bars remain open. With, as a bonus, a giant screen to allow the regulars to watch Championship and League A matches. Our teams also filmed in dance bars with customers of all ages. The owners of these establishments, calculating that their economic survival is at stake, explain how they organise and manage this secrecy. As for sports venues, some have found the scam: ask their members to provide a fake medical certificate, allowing them to practise sport indoors. In Marseille, numerous restaurants offer much more than “click and collect”. Flouting all the bans, they leave their establishments open, offering their customers time slots. In the Netherlands, some shops prefer proximity to social distancing. Despite the reopening of most shops, they decided not to respect the 8m2 required separation between two customers. And who cares if the shops are packed. In Cap-d’Ail (Alpes-Maritimes) a portion of the residents has found an unbeatable way to get around the rules. You just cross the street. The town is right next to Monaco, where the restaurants and bars are still open. Many of Cap-d’Ail tradespeople are crying foul in the face of such hypocrisy in the system. As for Loïc, whose garage is located in a street that straddles both towns, he has always remained open and takes his family to Monaco every weekend. Those who refuse to hide escape abroad, where there are no bans. A bunch of friends, members of the gilded youth, has already bought their tickets, destination Dubai, to join a big party on a private yacht. There, they are sure to party with no restrictions and, most importantly, no limits… 

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