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  • Author : Lauriane David
  • 27-12-2020
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Situated on the east coast of Mexico, on the shores of the Caribbean, Tulum has become one of the trendiest coastal resorts on the planet. This ancient Mayan city draws two million tourists every year. Tulum is a non-stop spectacular show. 6th-century temples overlook crystal blue waters, miles of pure white sand beaches, an age-old tropical jungle, crocodiles, dolphins, turtles… An exceptional architectural and natural heritage for wealthy tourists who come to relax in ecology-aware luxury hotels designed as never before. Zen and so super-hip, Tulum has also turned itself into one of the world’s party capitals. Every week, electronic music festivals are held deep in the jungle where party-goers come to dance, while abandoning themselves to spiritual experiments. For many, it’s a guaranteed thrill. An opportunity for shamans, healers, but for dealers, too. Grass, cocaine, ecstasy, hallucinogenic cocktails…  In Tulum, the drug trade has exploded and the Mexican cartels now control the sector. The explosion in tourism is also attracting investors. The city and its surroundings are covered in construction lots where impoverished workers from every corner of Mexico come to labor relentlessly. A real estate frenzy that is having devastating effects on the environment. Every day, fresh construction gnaws into the forest. Even the sea bed is not spared. The coral is dying by degrees and some fish are vanishing. An original investigation into Tulum, a new Eldorado and Paradise in danger. 

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