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  • Author : Wendy Zbinden
  • 18-06-2022
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Condiments and spices perfume our dishes. With a few grams, these treasures of nature take us on a voyage… In France, a few ambassadors of taste are working relentlessly to bring us the best.


Erwann de Kerros is a pepper hunter. As head of a major spice sales company, he scours the world in search of the finest vintages. His idea: to combine his favourite spice¾Penja pepper from Cameroon¾with sweet dishes. But will he be able to persuaded starred chefs to adopt this audacious marriage?


Stéphane Leveque is one of the biggest purchasers of Madagascar vanilla. However, over the years, the quality has diminished and demand has exploded. Because of the pandemic, he has had to pay for tons of premium quality vanilla without even seeing it and, therefore, not knowing if this year’s crop is equal to the promises he made to his clients… A wager with major consequences if he turns out to be disappointed when he gets there.


When it comes to spices and condiments, France has a magnificent treasure: olive oil. Christine Cheylan, a fifth-generation producer in Provence, runs an enormous farm. For the 26th consecutive year, she will be entering her oil in the famous general agricultural competition. But for the first time she is competing along with her daughter… Together, they are aiming for nothing less than a gold medal!

Unfortunately, olive oil is a widely counterfeited product: in France, one out of two are said to be below standard. Which presents a big problem for Justine Gaido, an inspector with the anti-fraud squad. This young woman criss-crosses the Vaucluse relentlessly in search of the swindlers of the green gold.

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