• Un jour, un doc'
  • Authors : Angèle Delmotte, Kevin Denzler
  • 10-07-2022
  • Master : 3205

THE ROUBAIX SALES | M6 | 66 minutes

Welcome to bargain city.

Against all expectations, it’s not Paris but Roubaix. This former textile town is home to two Outlet villages bang in the town centre just a few hundred yards from each other offering top brands at knock-down prices. Throughout the entire year you will find articles at least 30% cheaper than in the brands’ traditional stores. During the sales they offer mark-downs of 50% or even 70%. In the middle of the cost-of-living crisis and when inflation is galloping away, the 80 stores in the McArthur Glen mall offer attractive prices. And it works: 70,000 people attended the opening weekend. Stores or families looking for a bargain, for all concerned the first days of the sale are not to be missed.

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