Retirees at work

Retirees at work | M6 | 66 minutes

More and more retired people are being forced to go back to work after retirement. Recruitment websites for seniors abound and their numbers on the books of temping agencies are rocketing. After 40 to 42 years of contributions, men and women who have had low salaries all their lives are finding themselves with pitiful pensions, sometimes close to the poverty line. Some are heavily indebted and appear before the courts to ask for their debts to be wiped out. Others roll up their sleeves and work as carpenters, child minders or drivers. One such is Roger, a cheerful waiter of 73 with a pension of 730 Euros. He is forced to combine two jobs: at lunchtime he buzzes around at the Bonne Côte, a transport café near Lille… and in the evenings, it’s a totally different atmosphere at the Forgerons, a classy, gourmet restaurant, where Roger works till midnight two evenings a week. The customers love him.