I killed my best friend

I killed my best friend | M6 | 66 minutes

On Monday April 14 a simple argument breaks out between two teenage girls in a block of flats near the station in Strasburg. The quarrel over the theft of a handbag turns to tragedy. Gamzé, aged 19, is said to have been stabbed 12 times with a knife by her best friend, Linka. A neighbour witnesses the scene and immediately calls the emergency services, but it’s too late: Gamzé dies of her wounds. Murderous rage, revenge or simple jealousy? What could have driven Linka to such an act? Among those close to her, nobody understands what went on in the young girl’s head. And yet the presumed murderer, barely 15 years old, didn’t seem like a killer. Czech-born, she had lived in France for 8 years. Her friends describe her as a sparkling young girl who loved life, although, over recent months, Linka had been undergoing an adolescent crisis. At school she hung out with a group of undesirable girls. Alcohol, cannabis, running way, Linka had not been the same. For Gamzé’s family none of that is an excuse. 19-year-old Sabrine cannot help feeling guilty: she introduced Gamzé to Linka, six months ago, at the Christmas Fair. Since then the girls had been inseparable. Thanks to contributions from Sabrine, the family and friends, we try to understand how and why this friendship ended in bloodshed.