For and against the dump: ill will in the village

For and against the dump: ill will in the village | M6 | 66 minutes

The winds of rebellion are blowing in the tiny village of Nonant-Le-Pin in the Orne. The reason: the construction of a dump, one of the biggest in Europe, where, eventually, two million tonnes of waste will be stored. As the first trucks began their deliveries several dozen villagers decided to operate a blockade of the site entrance, day and night. Among those in opposition are villagers anxious for their health. Farmers who fear their land will be polluted. However, the most virulent opponents of the project are horse breeders. Nonant-Le-Pin is, in fact, famous for its stud farms, which have produced a number of top-flight thoroughbreds. Even the in-crowd have taken up the cause of the breeders, people like presenter Thierry Ardisson. He has spoken at several meetings in Normandy to denounce the construction of this mega-dump.