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  • Author : Jean-Charles Doria
  • 02-06-2014
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WHO WANTS THE HIDE OF BERNARD TAPIE? | France 3 | Histoire immédiate

“Who Wants the Hide of Bernard Tapie?” relates the tempestuous, storytale career of a rich and attractive businessman whose life went out of control the day he decided to go into politics. Hardly was he appointed minister than the politico-financial scandals erupted, police investigations followed one after another leading to downfall and prison. Why did he meet with such disillusion? Did he abuse power? Or was he brought down by his enemies because he was becoming too much of an embarrassment? How did he manage to be “reborn” after a long sojourn in the desert? Close to one hour and a half of archive material tells the political journey of Bernard Tapie, from the beginning in the 1980s: the 40-year-old businessman who believed only in money, the young candidate for parliament standing against Jean-Marie Le Pen in Marseilles, the overconfident minister, the audacious boss of Olympic Marseille and Adidas and then the scandals, the fall and the renaissance, almost miraculous, of the man whose adventures the French follow with a certain delectation or a deep aversion. Certain friends and enemies agreed to reveal the secrets of the businessman who was, in turn, the protégé of François Mitterrand, the symbol of an open Left then “the friend of 30 years of Nicolas Sarkozy”. Before becoming the pariah, the enemy to be shot down, even for some “the gangrene, the rottenness of a system”, willing to indulge in a dangerous mix of politics with business. Participants Bernard Kouchner, Jacques Séguéla, Eric de Montgolfier, Jean-Marie Le Pen… they all tell the story of a hot-shot who got shot, the adventures of a manipulator who was often manipulated… the Vth Republic, according to Bernard Tapie.

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