The parable of the chocolate croissant
  • 15'
  • Author : Valérie Rouvière
  • 22-11-2012
  • Master : 2207

The parable of the chocolate croissant | France 2 | Complément d'enquête

An anti-White racism is growing in areas of our cites where certain individuals despise the French, whom they call “Gauls” under the pretext that they don’t have the same religion, the same skin color or the same origins as they do.” With this sentence, taken from his Manifesto for a Right without complex, Jean-François Copé, the current deputy-mayor of Meaux created the polemic. Truth or caricature? Are “white French” really victims of racism in sensitive neighborhoods? A visit to the town of Jean-François Copé where the “chocolate croissant affair” is said to have broken.

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