Cooking: the housewife stars of the Net
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  • Author : Morgane Courgeon
  • 16-12-2012
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Cooking: the housewife stars of the Net | M6 | 66 minutes

Jacqueline Mercorelli, 70, should be enjoying a peaceful retirement in her lovely house in Chambery. However, she has been running from TV studio to radio studio ever since her blog “Mercotte’s Kitchen” proved a hit on the Internet. This grandmother with multiple lives – she’s been a motor rally navigator as well as a bridge champion – puts recipes on line that enable a host of people to bake cakes like the great pastry chefs. Like her, 3,500 other French people have launched their blogs to share their passion for cooking. They’re called “Tasty Teaching”, “I Made It Myself” or “Mum’s the Cook”. With their practical advice they are less intimidating than the cook books written by professionals. A report on the amateurs who have become celebrities.

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