The Homeless : Money

The Homeless : Money, home, family, an investigation on those who have lost everything | M6 | Zone Interdite

We come across them everywhere, in the street, in the metro, in the train stations. In France, there are tens of thousands of homeless people but there are no precise statistics of their exact numbers. These are the homeless, those without any place of residence. We followed four of these homeless people for more than a year. Marcelline is 52. Patrice, her companion, is twenty years younger. For a year they’ve been surviving on the sidewalk of Daumesnil Avenue in Paris, in the Bastille district. Marcelline had a job, she was a medical secretary in a radiology clinic. Christian, at 45, has also lost everything. He has only one way not to die of cold, of hunger, or of solitude – to keep walking. The misery of the street is perhaps more difficult yet when one is a woman alone. Linda, 28 years old, has lived in the street for ten years. A father who was too authoritarian – and so she fled. You have perhaps crossed by some of the homeless but do you know how they got there? The cameras of “Zone Interdite” recount their descent to hell and their efforts to try to “get out of it”, to find work again and a roof over their heads, in other words, to be “like everyone else”.