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  • Author : Yoann Cambefort
  • 09-12-2020
  • Master : 2997


In 2012, in the tiny village of La Roquebrussanne in the Var, a criminal case worthy of Agatha Christie is about to explode. Residents will discover with horror that behind the face of a daughter of the region, liked by all, actually lies a diabolical killer, prepared to manipulate her son to achieve her ends. Nadine Aprin-Poetto, 47, calls the gendarmes on December 6 2012 in a panic and says she has discovered her husband, Jean, dead in the trunk of the family car. Concerned by the presence of prowlers, the 48-year-old had gone the previous evening to the family’s vineyard, located a few miles from their home. Everything points to a crime for financial gain. Only, the investigation will quickly turn upside down. Three weeks after the discovery of the victim’s body, his own son reports to the gendarmes to make a terrible revelation: he and his mother were really the killers. The 16-year-old states that he helped his mother do away with the father because he was a violent husband. Worse, he claims he was also behind the death of his little brother in 2002! However, in reality, Jean Aprin was nothing like the monster killer described by his son, far from it… The investigation will reveal an incredible scheme orchestrated by the mother. 

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