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  • Author : Alfred de Montesquiou
  • 28-11-2021
  • Master : 3125

LEBANON DEEP IN CHAOS | France 5 | Le Monde en face

“If you think you understand Lebanon, then they didn’t explain it properly!” So goes a well-known Lebanese witticism. So, even if we can’t comprehend the country as a whole, our documentary asks a fundamental question: Why is Lebanon going so badly? What is broken in the Land of the Cedars to explain why this nation, formerly so prosperous and abundant, is now in financial, political and probably moral bankruptcy? In the form of a “road trip”, our documentary sets out to meet the young people of Lebanon who are rising up against the existential threat to an entire people. It is a story that goes to the heart of the Lebanese people, seeking to understand their struggle against corruption, border crises, the failing State, community blocks and the anarchy that is dragging the country down. A hostage to the Middle East, Lebanon remains a concentrate of all the problems and all the violence that bedevil this region. A tiny country on the map, but huge on the geopolitical atlas. Drained today, Lebanon still fascinates, in particular for its willingness to continually renew itself and to reveal to the Arab world the underground forces that are torturing it…

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