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  • Author : Sébastien Girodon
  • 05-12-2020
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The Grand Hotel at Cap Ferrat near Nice is one of the 31 French luxury hotels to have obtained the highest official distinction: the “Palace” classification. Set in 15 acres of green facing the Mediterranean, it has been the incarnation of the chic, luxury and glamour of the Côte d’Azur ever since its creation in 1908… A mythic location that, over more than a century, has attracted the most prominent names in the world: Winston Churchill and Elisabeth Taylor were regulars and Charlie Chaplin’s children learned to swim in its mythical 33-meter pool filled with sea water heated to 280… A staff of more than 300 is busy day and night with a deeply-rooted obsession with detail and a constant striving for perfection. Throughout this year like no other, the cameras from “Grand Reportage” tracked the daily lives of five of the hotel’s characters, such as starred chef Yoric Tièche. A famed food writer comes to taste his cooking, but it doesn’t shake his legendary composure. “Above all you mustn’t put pressure on yourself, that’s the best way to mess up!” For Manal the stakes are high: she’s just taken over management of the hotel’s chic bistro. Bubbling with energy, her striving for perfection rocks her teams. “When you work in a palace, you give your all, without reservation!” And then there are the “tiny hands” workers without whom the hotel would be nothing. There’s Simon, the car valet, who spends his days at the wheel of Rolls and Ferraris… without ever shifting out of first gear!  Ilda, the laundry manager, who presses dresses that cost several thousand Euros. Anthony, the room service waiter, sometimes picks up tips of 500 Euros: “You don’t forget bills like that!” he admits. Fabrice and Alexandra are on the other side of the mirror: with stars in their eyes they came to celebrate their twentieth wedding anniversary. For their china anniversary, the hotel upgraded them to a suite with a private pool and decorated especially for the occasion, slightly kitsch, but ultra-romantic. “It’s way beyond all our expectations and imagination: it’s amazing!” Some guests, even though extremely wealthy, don’t flinch at bargaining to bring the cost down! We spent a year in this mythic hotel. And this 2020 season will certainly remain etched for ever in the memory of the staff. 

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