As the Spring vacation begins, Orly airport is getting ready for one of the busiest weekends of the year! Days classed as “Red”. France’s second largest airport will see its business double as it welcomes more than 100,000 travelers eager to fly off to their dream destinations: Ibiza, Marrakech, Cuba, etc. Whether in romantic couples or in families, they can’t wait to get to the sunshine!

But first you have to get to the airport despite the jams. That’s the job of Youssef, a taxi driver. After driving the streets of Paris for more than 20 years, he knows all the short cuts. But will that be enough to deposit his stressed travelers at Orly in time?

It’s no easier at check-in: the lines are never-ending. The airport’s staff of 27,000 is tested to the limit during these days of exceptional traffic. Charles, 29, a steward on one of the biggest French low-cost airlines, faces a high-pressure flight: the opening of a new route to Alicante, Spain. Once over the buzz of takeoff, he doesn’t have a minute for himself. Everything must be perfect on this maiden flight, to win the loyalty of the 180 passengers. Among them are Mireille, her sons and their uncle, André. They have only one urgent need: relax on those Mediterranean beaches as a family!

At Orly, shops and restaurants want to gain from the gift from heaven brought by the travelers. In order to treat these demanding clients, Laurent, chef in one of the biggest restaurants in the airport, makes it a point of honor to work with fresh produce. And that’s not easy when the clients have to make their flights! At the newsstand, Noureddine, the manager, is hoping to sell people magazines, toys and candy like hot cakes and achieve one of the best turnovers of the year. Will he manage to overcome his mounting problems, like running out of stock and a breakdown of the cash register?

Please attach your seatbelts: we are heading into an airport in the middle of a zone of turbulence.