• 84'
  • Authors : Camille Barbe, Nina Montané, Sébastien Gilles, Wendy Zbinden, Yaël Goujon
  • 22-07-2020
  • Master : 2962


In this second episode, we discover another four lives that changed. For a year, we followed them on their exciting adventure on paper, but, in reality, the road is long and often strewn with pitfalls…

Like Nathalie and William… they swapped fixing brakes in the Paris area for picking grapes in the South of France, in the Luberon. The couple sold their car dealership to buy an AOP Ventoux vineyard…

On the other side of the planet, Audrey set up home in her Thailand paradise… The island of Ko Tao is among the most beautiful diving sites in the world. Audrey wants to become a scuba diving instructor. The pressure is on her: her savings will only see her through one month…

Others have simpler dreams, but the stakes are equally high. Architect Bruno packed up his drawing board to become a butcher.… He and his wife have invested the major part of their savings.

Yannick, a sales rep constantly on the road and his wife, Christelle, an auxiliary nurse, couldn’t take anymore running just to stand still and especially not seeing their children grow up. So, they decided to go and set up on the island of Reunion and buy a hotel there. To realise their dream the couple have just €100,000 set aside. They are convinced that this island will be their paradise. The ideal spot for a new beginning. However, once they get there, with their tiny budget, they will have to manage a great deal of problems.

We also re-join Charlotte, Francois and their children, who decided to venture into plastic recycling in the Philippines. They headed to Manilla to start their business. It’s a huge challenge: attempting to set up a recycling system, when such a thing does not yet exist in the country.

We also return to see Aurore, Jean-Christophe and their two children, Luka and Timothee, who decided to leave Alsace and sail the oceans. The family took the plunge and purchased a boat on the west coast¾not an easy choice for all the family.

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