For a year, we followed four French couples who want to make a fresh start, to change their lives. An exciting adventure on paper, but, in reality, the road is long and often strewn with pitfalls…

With a steady job in a pharmaceuticals laboratory, a house and two children, 11 and 14, Jean-Christophe and Aurore were leading a quiet life in Alsace, near Strasbourg. However, at age 47, Jean-Christophe decides to realise, along with his family, his teenage dream: to sail around the world and live on a sailboat. Neither he nor his wife really know how to sail, but together and bound by their love they are risking everything: selling their house to do up an old 16-meter catamaran, leaving their native area and involving their somewhat recalcitrant children in their project for a new life. An incredible challenge that will require unflagging energy.

Francois sold his banker’s suits and Charlotte her smart outfits. These thirty-something Parisians decided to quit their marvellous jobs to bring meaning to their lives and bring up their young children to respect the planet. Their idea is to set up a recycling business in the Philippines: a paradise whose waters are polluted by tonnes of plastic waste. However, with three children, including a nine-month-old baby, the adventure will prove to be even more risky than expected.

There’s no need to go to the other side of the world to realise your dream. Jessica, a lawyer’s clerk in the Paris area, was consumed by her work and anguished by not seeing her children grow up. One day she resigned with an astonishing project in mind: start a “cosmetitruck”! A truck travelling around selling organic cosmetics! Her husband, Jean-Benoit was immediately supportive, but her parents could not believe it. It’s hard to imagine their serious and rather shy daughter turning hawker at country markets. Jessica, however, will prove her mettle and the whole family goes into action to help her realise her dream.

When Gregory decided one evening to apply for a job in Tahiti via the Internet, his wife, Vanessa, never imagined that three weeks later, she would be quitting her job in the Nantes city hall and setting off with their two little boys, aged 6 and 9, to live in Polynesia. However, a job in paradise also brings its problems: Gregory has to straighten out a business in difficulty and Vanessa, determined to start a B&B business, discovers that nothing is quite as simple as she imagined.