• 27'
  • Authors : Lucie Lemétais, Grégory Cohen
  • 10-10-2021
  • Master : 3103

WHO’S THE STRONGEST? | M6 | 66 minutes

Always heavier, always stronger. That might be the slogan for the Strongmen. Over this first weekend of October, the French strongest man competition is being held. They are able to haul 15-tonne trucks, lift 150kg concrete balls or hurl 20kg kegs of beer 12 feet into the air. A battle with yourself at the limits of effort. The basic principal is to measure your strength against anything that comes to hand. So long as it’s heavy. Following the lockdown and the closure of sports facilities last year, the phenomenon has swept France. Men and women, all outstanding amateur athletes, whom we followed over a weekend to discover who is the strongest in France.

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