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  • Author : Lorraine de Foucher
  • 19-01-2020
  • Master : 2829

WHITE BREAD: A FRIEND WHO’S GOOD FOR YOU ? | Doc du dimanche | France 5

Invented in the United States 200 years ago and arriving in the land of the baguette 60 years ago, white bread now represents 10% of bread consumption in France. Two giants contend for the pre-wrapped bread market: On one side, Harry’s, the overwhelming leader, especially with its crust-less bread. On the other side, Jacquet, the French no. 2, whose parent company, Limagrain, is the terror of proponents of organic products. At stake is half a billion Euros. Bakers are also looking for their slice of the cake.  They are trying to market a traditional white bread, for better… and sometimes for worse… Because white bread is a potential nutritional bomb and the reason is… sugar. In the United States it’s taboo for weightwatchers. The battle for an improved white bread has already engaged, right back to the fields where some farmers are turning baker in order to control the whole chain. So, should we continue to eat white bread? What are the stakes behind the most widely eaten bread and butter in the world?

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