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  • Author : Laura Spinosi
  • 08-07-2020
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It has to be the most wonderful day of their lives. They day when they say yes and everything has to be perfect. The long-awaited wedding has been in preparation for months, but during the last few days, emotions are raw, questions fly and stress is at its height. We followed three couples for whom their wedding promises to be something exceptional. Maeva is 30. This airline cabin crew member with a resolute character is dreaming of a wedding worthy of a princess in a paradise location on the isle of Mauritius with Stéphane, 31, a construction entrepreneur and freestyle cycling champion. They represent the attraction of opposites. She dreams of a carriage and romance; he dreams of adrenalin and an explosive James Bond style entrance. So, they turned to Lornah, a wedding planner, to try to match their desires. Aged 28, she is starting out on this demanding career. However, in early summer, the whims of the weather will prove a tough test of her nerves. What with the unexpected, anxiety and smiles, the wedding can also be an ordeal… Fédérico, 46, is a business consultant; Eva, 36, a banker in Switzerland: nothing pointed them to a surprising type of wedding. However, these two fans of Game of Thrones promise they will not do anything like anybody else does. So, as in the series, they have their ice wall, they are going to tie the knot at the gates of the polar circle. With their 50 guests they are heading for Tromso, in Norway and 20 degrees below. There’s only one condition: attend their nuptial adventure by dressing up and assuming the life of characters from the series. Before they say yes, the couple has planned four days of discovery, with spectacular activities from reindeer races to hunting the Aurora Borealis. Only, on the edge of the Arctic Circle, everything must be organized, venues found for the big day, a baker found to make a cake, and that’s no easy task. Because, in Tromso, the couple’s requirements are a first. If Eva maintains an Olympian calm, her future husband tends towards a quick temper. In the Lebanon, weddings plunge you into a world of excess. Serena, 27, and Anthony, 28, are no exception to the rule. But they want even more than they’ve seen at previous weddings. Their wedding has to be unique, with a special highlight: the meeting of two cultures, Muslim for Serena and Christian for Anthony. She is a well-known fashion blogger and Anthony made a fortune by founding start-ups. They come from two families among Lebanese high society. More than a thousand guests are invited to their union, worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster with a set to take your breath away. To achieve this, the future couple has hired the best. First, top designer, Eli Saab, for the bride’s dress. He dresses top celebrities. Next, to set the stage in the ten-thousand-square-metre reception room, they chose the most famous wedding designer in all Beirut. Ramzy will manage an unlimited budget of well over one million dollars. Every element of the set is exceptional, beginning with the 50’ high platform where the bride will fly in above her guests. But between dream and reality, you sometimes get nice and nasty surprises. Just 24 hours before the wedding, everything could be thrown into question. Tension, anxiety, tears and smiles as we delve into the heart of extraordinary weddings.

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