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  • Author : Morgane Courgeon
  • 14-09-2021
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THE ONION PACKS A PUNCH | Le Doc du Mardi | France 5

At first sight, the onion is not very sexy… with its hairy chin and unremarkable personality… And yet it has always been present in all four corners of the planet! A world without onions would be a world without taste. In France, two stars top the bill: The Sweet Onion from the Cevennes and the Roscoff onion. Two AOP (designated of protected origin) whose amazing secrets we have revealed… A cure for all our ills, the bulb is, above all, a miracle cure for the food industry. Its taste enhances any dish, but at what price? Stripping it bare makes us cry… But is that for the right reasons? From the United States to Poland, the onion holds plenty of surprises. So: simple condiment or gastronomic star? What lies beneath its many layers? Discover why “the onion packs a punch”.

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