The Mysterious Manhunt for Bin Laden

The Mysterious Manhunt for Bin Laden | France 3 | Histoire immédiate

During the night of May 1st 2011 four US helicopters are flying over Pakistan. Destination: Abbottabad, in the north of the country. At half-past midnight, local time, a unit of Navy Seals, the US elite brigade, storms a large villa on the outskirts of the town. The operation lasts some twenty minutes. O. B. L. the world’s most wanted man is eliminated. For America it marks the end of ten years of humiliation. One year after the raid this film attempts to answer a question: why did it take the US ten years to find the head of Al-Qaeda? Despite the drones, millions of dollars and the war in Afghanistan how could they have allowed Sheik Osama to elude them? Through a series of recall and original reconstructions filmed in natural settings in Pakistan¾a feat in itself when we know that Katherine Bigelow, who is shooting a film on the same subject, had to shoot the Pakistani scenes in… India¾the film tells the story of the hunt for the man behind 9/11. The other original feature of this drama-doc is to have carried the investigation to Pakistan, to those who refuse the easy truths and the double game of the Pakistani secret services. One major source tells how Osama bin Laden had been excluded from major decision making within Al-Qaeda and that he died alone, diminished and aimless. And, above all, through a highly professional reconstruction of the assault and the killing of Osama bin Laden, the film tries to understand what really happened on the night of May 1st in Abbottabad.