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  • Authors : Nicolas Moscara, Patrick Dedole
  • 17-07-2017
  • Master : 2675

The Marine Firefighters of Marseilles – N°9 : threat from the schooner | Le Bataillon des Marins Pompiers de Marseille | RMC Découverte

“What makes Marseille so special is that you have every type of risk in the same city.”

The brigade’s divers take high risks to prevent an old schooner that sank the day before off the Pointe du Brigantin from polluting the flora and fauna of the crystal waters of Frioul. The ship went down in an area where the currents and swell permanently stir up the mud. A dangerous operation, but one essential in order to protect the environment from irreversible pollution.

Since dawn, several teams of firefighters have been battling to free a victim trapped in car that rolled over a number of times. Cutting the victim free is a highly technical operation that requires faultless organization where the rescuers are fighting against the clock.

Every day, Marseille’s marine firefighters face other challenges: helping individuals in distress and psychiatric emergencies. For these firefighters of Marseille regularly find themselves confronted with situations of social despair, or of loneliness and insanity. Faced with psychologically challenging situations, the firefighters develop a humanity that takes us by surprise and bestows upon them an image of everyday social supporters.

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