The killer of green river

The killer of green river | France 2 | Envoyé Spécial

?I killed so many women that I have trouble even remembering them!? said Gary Ridgway, as he admitted to the murder of 48 women. And so in the United States, the face of the greatest serial killer in its history was uncovered. Thanks to 500 hours of confession from this serial killer (the first ever filmed), thanks also to the testimony of parents of the victims, of his former neighbors, of police inspectors who relentlessly tracked him down, this film recounts the terrifying history of a killer of Green River: how and why this man above all suspicion was able to kill for twenty years. As he is being sentenced, we live through the confrontation of the killer with the parents of his victims, eye to eye. Voyage into the heart of human nature and its most inhumane manifestations.