The heiress and the gigolo

The heiress and the gigolo | M6 | 66 minutes

The affair is the talk of the whole of Germany: the richest woman in the country, Suzanne Klatten, 46, heiress to BMW, falls victim to a blackmailing gigolo! A blond, rather discrete, model mother of three children had never had tongues wagging.Her problems began two years ago when she entered into an extra-marital relationship with Helg Sgarbi, a 44 year-old Swiss. In fact the man is a professional gigolo and his method is to film his amorous encounters with his victims in order to blackmail them after. At the risk of a scandal, Suzanne Klatten lays charges against him and the police discover that the gigolo is part of a network of young men trained to win the favours of rich women alone, headed by a mysterious Italian guru.