Firefighters : the stuff of which heroes are made
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  • Author : Thomas Johnson
  • 11-03-2002
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The Caen Prison : Love in Prison | France 2 | Complément d'enquête

Loss of liberty does not necessarily mean total absence of a love life. In France, prisoners can send and receive mail. They are therefore able to keep up a love relationship. But they have no place of their own where they can be alone with their wives. Having a sexual relationship is therefore difficult but it can exist even within the prison. It takes place in the well-known parlors.” A big room is divided into small boxes, separated by movable walls 1. 7 meters high.It is this room where the prisoners can have visits twice a week, a room always filled with people: prisoners, visitors, family, women, children. In this confusion, couples try to get whatever privacy they can, bringing the partitions closer together, using their coats to hide themselves from the children. “

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