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  • Author : Paul Comiti
  • 01-02-2022
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Following the exceptional documentary KABUL, AT THE HEART OF THE TALIBAN, shot just before Kabul fell into the hands of the Taliban, Paul Comiti was able to return there, three weeks after the Taliban took control, to film RETURN TO KABUL UNDER THE TALIBAN EMIRATE and track down previous contributors. Using an exclusive access, he sheds light on what is really happening in this country now governed by Islamic militias and, in particular, on the situation of women. “It’s very bad news for Afghan women,” explains French photo-journalist Véronique de Viguerie, whom Paul Comiti followed during the first documentary and whom he met again in Afghanistan. “For the moment, we are still welcome; they want to show us everything’s fine.”


Paul Comiti attempted to recontact the Afghans he previously met, foremost among them Kamar Gul, who shot down the four Taliban who came to murder his parents in front of his eyes. But also Arifa, a young, high-school student, now confined to her home because the Taliban have banned school for girls over the age of twelve. He discovers a country where women are once again second-class citizens.

In order to claim their rights, some have shown the courage to protest on the street, demonstrations that are quickly broken up by automatic rifle fire and whip lashes. He also films a country deep in economic crisis where many Afghans are selling what they own on the flea markets of the capital in order to survive. He also rediscovers Commander Zaquer, filmed during the offensive and now one of the chiefs of police in Kabul. After twenty years of fighting we find him and his men enjoying the bumper cars in one of the capital’s fairgrounds.

Before Kabul was taken, Paul Comiti also managed to get access to a warlord hostile to the Taliban in his luxurious villa. Since then, Allah Gul Mujahid has turned his coat, but too late. In front of the cameras he is arrested and humiliated by the Taliban.

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