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  • Author : Paul Comiti
  • 14-03-2021
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Since 1947, tension between India and Pakistan, two nations possessing the atomic bomb, has never eased: more than 70 years… A journey to a forbidden Pakistan. Wedged between India to the East, Iran and Afghanistan to the West and China to the North, Pakistan occupies a strategic position. It has long served as a front line for the Americans, firstly against the Soviet bloc. The Land of the Pure, as it is called, and its enemy brother, India, are constantly tearing each other apart over Kashmir with each claiming sovereignty over that region. However, their conflict has also moved further North, in the most hostile area imaginable: the Himalayas… for possession of its most precious resource: the Siachen Glacier, the biggest reserve of fresh water available. 70% of the population of India and Pakistan depend upon it. So, a bizarre sort of war is waged at an altitude of 6,000 meters, with the glacial cold killing more than weapons do: 1,000 Pakistani and 3,000 Indian soldiers confront each other. We filmed an exclusive report with Pakistani Special Forces. Pakistan is a country full of contradictions: the largest Islamic republic in history aspires to change to a modern state. Yet it remains a bastion of radical Islam. Part of the population remains faithful to a backward-looking Islam advocating extremely strict Sharia law and supporting terrorism. A portrait of Mullah Abdul Aziz, the leader of the Pakistani extremists. Preventing children from falling into the hands of dangerous extremists is exactly the battle being waged by one French woman. Valérie Kahn sets up schools in the most unlikely places. She is convinced that only education can save the younger generations. A portrait of Valérie Khan. In a land of more than 200 million inhabitants, of which 95% are Muslim, where poverty is rife… a minority is trying to survive as best it can: the Christians of Pakistani. They number over 2 million and for them the situation has not really improved. A water war on the roof of the world, a country torn between the desire for change and the draw of extremism, this report tells the story of the current contradictions of Pakistan.

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