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  • Author : Wendy Zbinden
  • 15-03-2020
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PAEDOPHILIA 2.0 | M6 | Enquête Exclusive

So, you think your child is safe when at home on the computer? Not so. Forums that are apparently innocent, and limited to minors, are turning into stalking grounds. The Internet is spawning paedophilia: in 10 years the pedo-pornographic content has multiplied by a factor of ten! It’s a flood that police are struggling to stem. In England, some citizens have decided to carry out their own investigations, as British law allows. These anti-paedophile patrollers trap the predators and report them to the police and, at the same time, make their activities public on social networks. It’s a highly controversial practice. But the worst paedophile crimes are perpetrated on the darknet, the web where surfers cannot be traced. On it, paedophiles have created communities where they exchange pedo-pornographic photos and videos without sanction. A new practice is emerging: “livestreaming”, a live rape, to order. Some Westerners, including some French, commission services to order, often by the very parents of the tiny victims. In the Philippines, the phenomenon has reached such a scale that the police have created a specialist division to arrest criminals who are prepared, for a few dozen euros, to sacrifice their child. In the Paris area, one woman is battling to prevent it all: Latifa Bennari arranges meetings between former victims and paedophiles seeking treatment. She’s convinced of the need to help the men become aware of the devastating consequences of their actions. Who are these criminals? Why is it so hard to catch them? How do you avoid them? An investigation into the uncontrollable explosion of paedophilia 2.0.

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