Marseille : gangland killing
  • 15'
  • Authors : Grégoire Bardin, Jean-Michel Canovas
  • 29-05-2006
  • Master : 1462

Marseille : gangland killing | France 2 | Complément d'enquête

Five killed in one week, in the middle of the street or in a bar: the town of Marseilles seemed to take up with time when it was a high place of the French underworld. We investigated on the life of one of the victims, Farrid Berrhama, which had built his career in the shadow of the ex-godfather Francis the Belgian. Implied in several businesses of gangland killing related to the market of the slot machines, of the drug and of the steerings of banks and vans, he had based his rise on the progressive disappearance of much of his rivals, but also of his former associates

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