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  • Author : Mélodie Tissot
  • 17-04-2022
  • Master : 3184

QUEENS OF THE NIGHT | M6 | 66 minutes

More than a million women work at night while others sleep. In 20 years their numbers have doubled. Prohibited or subject to exemptions for many years, all restrictions were lifted in the name of gender equality by the law of 2001 setting night work as from 9pm to 6am. But is this still a choice or is night work something to be endured? How do you reconcile your working life with your private? We experienced the sometimes-tough daily routine of three exemplary women. A marine-firefighter in Marseille, Sabrina heads a group of some thirty men in the field several nights per week. Eva is a nurse in the Foch hospital in Suresnes near Paris, the biggest private hospital in France. Fanny is a dancer at the Crazy Horse and the only mother in the troupe. Vocation, organisation, mental stress and the harshness of the night, how do they achieve the balance?

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