• 52'
  • Authors : Régis Le Sommier, Véronique de Viguerie, Paul Comiti
  • 25-08-2021
  • Master : 3088


Kabul fell on August 15 without a fight. Since then the Taliban has occupied the city and terrified Afghans have flocked to the airport in the hope of finding a last-ditch way out. These scenes will be recorded in history as the symbols of the American defeat. Several weeks earlier we were the last reporters able to meet the Taliban. In an exclusive experience we lived alongside them as they took the offensive. We had access to the towns and villages they rule. They showed us their hospital where men and women are now treated separately. We slept at their fighters’ homes, shared meals with their commanders, who told us how easy it would be to take Kabul. We witnessed the sharing out of the considerable stocks of arms they had seized from the fleeing Afghan army, plunder that actually served in the conquest of the capital. They even permitted us to film a session of a sharia court where the judge administers divine justice, with a masked executioner at his side ready to carry out the sentences. What we saw is the prelude to the order they intend to impose all over Afghanistan. The Taliban will now dictate the entire lives of Afghans. They showed us how they intend to do it.

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