JOEY STARR, OUT OF FRAME | Passage des Arts | France 5

This film is the fruit of an encounter between Joey Starr and Richard Melloul, a long, slow get-to-know-you that rapidly turned into a confidential relationship. Didier Morville, aka Joey Starr, allowed Richard to accompany him throughout the various artistic aspects of his life. The adventurous “Speeches to the Assembly”, a performance where he takes and presents major speeches to the National Assembly by Simone Veil, Victor Hugo and Aimé Césaire, led him to many a stage and, eventually, amidst the gilded splendour of the Republic, to appear before the National Assembly. In parallel, as he prepares for his stage come-back with NTM at Bercy, Richard accompanied the ex-enfant terrible of RAP during rehearsals, backstage and, finally, on stage, where he retied the bond with his audience of all ages. With more than 45,000 attending in three days and bookings sold out in 9 minutes, Joey Starr is deeper than ever in the heart of a whole generation of French fans.

Through the throb of his voice, Joey Starr revisits, in modesty and humility, his “chaotic” childhood, the discovery of his brothers, his difficult family relationships, his reunion with his mother, whom he thought was dead, his start, the birth of NTM and, of course, his role as a father “devoted to the education of his children”. Very nearly two years of contact, shooting and interviews that give so much depth to this film. The wealth of documentation, including Richard Melloul’s personal archives and photos, enhance the intimacy of Joey Starr face to face with himself. A calm and sensitive look for the man who thinks he’s “still in process” at the age of 50. Far removed from controversy and misunderstanding, we discover a Joey who is tender, deep and often heart-rending.