In the backstage of deliveries
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  • Author : Céline Bittner
  • 17-12-2015
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In the backstage of deliveries | France 2 | Envoyé Spécial

With the explosion of online buisness, parcel delivery is also becoming very common . Each French on average receives 15 parcels a year, some sites send 100,000 parcels a day ! For big brands of e-commerce , speed is essential : if they do not deliver their customers quickly enough, these may turn towards competitive brand.Subjected to this pressure , the Post Office , UPS, TNT , have engaged themselves in a race. And to make things faster and always cheaper, carriers work massively with independent delivery companies. This is the dark side of this new business. Parcels undelivered , improperly completed delivery notice , damaged packages …Is the interest of the customer always preserved ? What are the strategies of deliverymen to gain speed while reducing their costs?

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