Gérard Depardieu « Out of Frame »

Gérard Depardieu « Out of Frame » | Divers | France 5

The inspiration for this film springs from the encounter between Gérard Depardieu and Richard Melloul, who have been intimate acquaintances for thirty years. To produce this documentary Richard Melloul filmed the actor on every stage he ever played on: at home in Paris, on set while shooting the principal films of his career and in Calcutta where Depardieu distributed the major films of the great Indian director Satyajit Ray. The film is an opportunity for Gérard Depardieu to look back on his childhood, his beginnings in Paris, his mentors in the profession, both in theater and cinema, and on his life, in a way that he has never expressed in front of a camera. Bertrand Blier, Jacques Weber, Michel Blanc, Pierre Richard and Fanny Ardant contribute to the heartfelt memories and praise the formidable talent of the actor of Cyrano, Tenue de Soirée, La Chèvre and, of course, of Les Valseuses. Depardieu never avoids the recollection of his dear departed”, those with whom he still “lives”: Jean Carmet, Barbara, Marguerite Duras and Guillaume Depardieu. Gérard Depardieu pays homage to Patrick Dewaere, his co-star in Les Valseuses, when he visits his grave for the first time. The wealth of documents made available, including the personal archives of the actor and the photos of Richard Melloul, bring added weight Gérard Depardieu’s honest confrontation with himself. Away from the public controversy and the misunderstandings, we discover a Depardieu who is tender, profound and often deeply moving: a Gérard Depardieu “”Out of Frame””. OFFICIAL SELECTION  “”CANNES CLASSICS “” 2015.”