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  • Authors : Clara Mazuir, Denis Einaudi, Les équipes de Tony Comiti
  • 08-12-2019
  • Master : 2907

DECEMBER 05 2019 STRIKE | M6 | 66 minutes

Thursday December 5 marks the start of the trial of strength between the government and several sections of the French people opposed to the pension reforms: National Rail train drivers, Paris bus and Metro drivers, as well as teachers, nurses and also businessmen in the Public Works sector who are protesting against the tax reforms relating to commercial diesel fuel and who are blocking refineries causing a shortage of fuel. Will France find itself immobilized between striking public transport services and lack of fuel? How are the French preparing for this December 5 action, which threatens to be prolonged over a further few days? How are businesses organizing? We shall be at the Gare du Nord, the biggest station in Europe, with teams from the SNCF National Rail Company, at the heart of the reactor driving this wide-spread movement. During the night of 4-5, the station will be given a new look with stickers and floor markings to guide the thousands of travelers who may find themselves stuck. We also follow a large ready-to-wear company with an extended network of shops. How do they re-deploy teams according to where each member lives? Should head office executives go out to the stores? Of course, the provinces are also affected. In Brittany a fuel shortage is biting. We shall be in Rennes, at the blockade of the refineries that is drying up the supply of fuel to gas stations. For several nights, Sonia Bouget has been sleeping in the cab of her construction vehicle outside the Vern-sur-Seiche fuel depot. There are those who are struggling and others who are rubbing their hands at the thought of this strike action. Such is the case of Sana, an Uber driver or that of the electric scooter companies. From improvisation to well-planned organization, how will the French deal with a France in shut-down?

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