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  • Author : Frédéric ELHORGA
  • 03-01-2021
  • Master : 3007

COLOMBIA, THE INTREPID OF THE ANDES | France 5 | Les Routes de l'Impossible

In the remote regions of Colombia, Nature lays down the law. Every year, the cowboys and the truck drivers have to endure a six-month rainy season.
 In the middle of the vast tropical plains of Llanos, Carlos must travel hundreds of miles of track to deliver the gas that is used to drive the communications centre of a forgotten town. In the Andes people have learned to manage by themselves, in the shadow of guerrilla warfare. To get from one mountain to another, the quickest way is often to take to the air… Hanging from cables more than 100 metres long, the locals overcome their fear… both the speed and the height makes one dizzy and stopping depends on a lump of wood! Setting out on chaotic tracks, the Colombians face the challenges and difficulties with a smile, like true cowboys of the road. 

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