• 28'
  • Authors : Anthony Binst, Mathilde Bouttemy, Sradhanjali Kootungal, Stéphane Guffroy
  • 14-02-2021
  • Master : 3023

COLD SNAPS OVER FRANCE | M6 | 66 minutes

During these early days of February, it’s a high-risk week for those who are most exposed to the icy temperatures, sometimes falling below minus 10o. In the Hauts de France and the Paris region we went out to meet the people under lockdown out of doors, the homeless, and those who lend them assistance. Under the curfew, the spirit of solidarity is organized around emergency set-ups. But there’s also been a more unexpected mobilization, such as some hotels, who, with no tourists, open their doors to families with no shelter. However, don’t think that having a roof over your head in France is a guarantee of protection against the cold. France has nearly 5 million dwellings that are thermal sieves. And most of them are in the Nord. Eco Habitat and Secours Catholique are active in seeking the necessary funding to begin renovation work. Here are 5 days with the most insecure of people.

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