• 60'
  • Author : Michèle Fines
  • 31-03-2019
  • Master : 2841


In 2012, realtor Fabrice Da Silva is accused of contracting the killing of his associate, Bendjougou Diawara. Fabrice’s best friend, Michel, is accused of being the murderer. Caught up in the wheels of justice, Fabrice Da Silva cannot understand what is happening to him. “It’s got to be a trap. It’s horrible, I can’t bear it. I don’t understand. I think I’m dreaming. My life’s a nightmare.” So, in order to prove his innocence, Fabrice Da Silva decides to hire a criminologist, Roger Marc Moreau, who has already achieved acquittals for some twenty victims of judicial error. The first thing Roger Marc Moreau does is to read the case file: “When I begin to understand this case, I realize that there is an immense hole, that’s there’s no proof. And I finally realize that this is nothing but a prosecution case. Clear leads have not been followed and I uncover anomalies and flaws…” Thanks to the preliminary conclusions from Roger Marc Moreau’s investigation, Fabrice Da Silva and his friend Michel are released after 15 months in jail, but the charges are not dropped: they will be charged in court with murder. They face a life sentence. For two years, we followed Fabrice Da Silva’s battle to establish his innocence. With Roger Marc Moreau, the criminologist, we set out the inconsistencies in the investigation; we point out that other leads, although clear, were never followed up by the investigators… Then, with Roger Marc Moreau, we accompanied Fabrice Da Silva and his co-accused, Michel, to the court, up to the final verdict…

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