• 26'
  • Author : Patrick Chauvel
  • 01-03-2001
  • Master : 1041

Clandestine people in Gibraltar | M6 | Zone Interdite

To leave their country for Europe and its mirages. To leave their poverty for work, money. This is the dream of many Africans, a dream which pushes them to the extreme south of Spain and to the Rock of Gibraltar, one of the gateways to the Schengen space. But in order to get in-twelve kilometers of sea. Tens of thousands of illegal immigrants have already done it. In order that Gibraltar to cease to be a pass-way through, the Spanish authorities have put into action the South Plan, a vast and well-financed operation sponsored by the European Community to fight against clandestine immigration. Helicopters and patrol boats try to intercept the pateras-the small boats into which the immigrants are packed. There are many who will never reach Europe, but who will never see Africa again either. A heavy wind, a rocky sea, a boat that turns over, and in the morning, custom officials and the coast guard discover the cadavers scattered over the Spanish beaches. Our team was able to film this terrible game of cat and mouse which is played out daily by police and the clandestine immigrants.

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