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  • Author : Jean-Charles Doria
  • 14-09-2017
  • Master : 2649

KIDS IN CHAOS: HOPE IN BODY AND SOUL | France 3 | Documentaires

For a year, the director filmed young people from all backgrounds, in all four corners of France. They are looking for a job, trying to start their own business or fighting to get a diploma while continuing to work.

The documentary follows the footsteps of these young people, who are struggling to build some sort of future, despite the record levels of unemployment and insecurity.

In this second episode, months have passed and we meet Martin, Ana, Benjamin and Gladys again, as well as two new faces.

After a promising start, it’s the day of reckoning for Martin’s start-up… the young, 21-year-old boss will have to make some tough choices.

Aged 22, Benjamin and Gladys left Orleans and the cozy family nest to take wing by themselves and settle in Aix en Provence. However, the young man’s dreams of university have crumbled and their life as a couple, alone and far from the parents, is turning increasingly complicated.

With her five years of university education, Ana is still fighting to find a job worthy of her qualifications in a company of human scale… her business project with Brazil will come to a decisive conclusion.

The director also gives the floor to Charlotte, a student in Lille, who is juggling two jobs, and Hamza, unemployed for two years living in a housing project near Tours.

Their careers are all chaotic, their futures uncertain. But pessimism is not for them! They are combative, full of hope and provide us with a refreshing lesson on the young.