Industrial pizzas: check the ingredients!
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  • Author : Sophie Romillat
  • 17-01-2014
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Industrial pizzas: check the ingredients! | Doc du dimanche | France 5

The French eat more than ten kilos of pizza per person per year, way ahead of the Italians and just behind the Americans. Selling at 1 to 5 Euros in supermarkets, the dish offers industrial producers a double advantage: it’s a fall back product in the crisis and it escaped the horse meat scandal. However, the sector is subject to unbridled competition and a widespread price war. What tactics do the producers use to gain a few cents? Where do they skimp in order to post ever more competitive prices? Where do the ingredients of an industrial pizza come from? From Naples, the cradle of the pizza, to the factories of the biggest producers, we investigate the secrets of the supermarket pizza.