• 52'
  • Author : Lisa Beauval
  • 01-02-2018
  • Master : 2726

FRONT LINE VETS. SO2- EP4 | Véto de choc | W9

From the North to the South of France we have followed the eventful daily lives of the men and women who rush to the aid of animals. Put a chip in a particularly aggressive two-month-old lion cub or operate on a kitten that urinates though its navel… Missions that are as surprising as they are unpredictable for our extraordinary heroes. Marie, 34, is the vet at the famous Thoiry Zoo. From the smallest monkey in the world to the most dangerous of predators, the highest risk operations are not always the ones you might think. At the Frégis clinic, in the Paris region, Guillaume, 35, is a star surgeon. Before our cameras, he will perform an exceptional operation normally reserved for humans: a hip replacement. Anne-Claire, 30, is a member of the “help the animals” foundation. Before she can save animals, she sometimes has to find them. At her side, we witnessed the rescue of some forty dogs left to fend for themselves. For three months, we accompanied these heroes who save our animals.