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  • Author : Elise Richard
  • 21-01-2018
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TERRINES: ART OR HOGWASH? | Doc du dimanche | France 5

Pâtés and terrines are flagship products of our gastronomy. Consumed since Antiquity they have become, over time, a traditional dish that is emblematic of our nation’s food. Today, this mixture of meat, herbs and spices is eaten on all occasions: as a snack between friends, at family lunch, at a picnic and even at the tables of the greatest restaurants. Fresh, vacuum-packed or canned, the French eat more than 60,000 tonnes of terrines and pâtés every year! But what do we know about how they are produced? Although it may take up to three days to prepare a craft product, more and more of our terrines are made by industrial process. And there are some who won’t hesitate to cut quality to trim costs. Others elevate pâté to a work of art. Craftsmen pork butchers and starred chefs are constantly reinventing their recipes. Competitions are even held all across the world to reward the finest creations. So, every year, dozens of entrants vie for first place in the pâté-in-crust world championships! From the depths of rural France to the teeming avenues of Japan, we investigated this meat product that is both traditional and endlessly revisited.