• 16'
  • Authors : Grégory Cohen, Charles Comiti, Solène Oeino, Nina Montané
  • 11-02-2018
  • Master : 2729


It all began with last Tuesday’s snowfall. It was forecast and yet it caused a near-total paralysis of Paris and the Paris region. Massive jams, transport at a standstill: Paris froze on the spot. How can you explain how a meteorological phenomenon, which had been foreseen, could have created such massive chaos? Some took advantage: snowball fights, skiing or snowboarding down Montmartre or the Trocadero. However, those moments of fun were short-lived. The snow episode gave way to a wave of intense cold in the middle of the week! A scenario feared by the charitable associations. They are mobilizing to provide some comfort for those men and women who sleep rough. Like here, right in the Bois de Vincennes. A young couple of around thirty have set up their tent. The nights are harsh; so, along with the Bulgarian family that lives next to them, they help each other, share a little food and the meager flames of their campfire. Mathieu, a caterer in the Marais, had planned 70 covers for a reception that was cancelled at the last minute because of the weather conditions. Rather than dump all that food, he contacted an association to distribute it to the homeless. On Friday morning a second snowstorm could well hit the Paris region. We will follow the teams deployed on the A1 highway in the middle of the night to avoid a fresh wave of stranded motorists.