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  • Author : Laura Spinosi
  • 17-06-2018
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The wedding is a unique day for all couples who wish to seal the knot of love. They’re handsome, they’re rich, they’re successful, they have everything going for them and have decided to say yes in the most fairytale way. These couples are prepared to do anything to give themselves the wedding of their dreams, and the budgets are often beyond limit, even topping the million-euro mark. For Manon and Hugh love is an unexpected thunderbolt because, on paper, everything sets them apart. Manon, a 28-year-old singer, is already a minor celebrity. Discovered on a famous talent show, it’s hard not to recognize this pretty rebel with her red hair and tattoos. Today, Manon heads the review in the most prestigious of Paris’ cabarets: the Lido. As for Hugo, he comes from a very bourgeois family. A jewelry designer in Paris, this young man has a rather classic education. But when he saw Manon on stage, he literally fell head over heels. The wedding will reflect this unusual couple and to ensure success, Manon has organized it with the support of her colleagues at the Lido. Only, it’s not all roses: Manon’s extravagance is not to the taste of Hugo’s very traditional family. His parents are against the marriage and refuse to attend… Hugo’s last hope is his grandmother. Ghenwa and Rabih, a French-speaking Lebanese couple, are treating themselves to very special wedding. Ghenwa is a brilliant young woman. Aged 25, she is a graduate in Political Sciences. As the child of an major Lebanese family, she is one of the elite. Rabih, 32, is a businessman deeply involved in the restaurant sector. He already has 5 businesses to his credit. The couple have an unlimited budget: for her wedding dress Ghenwa turned to designer, Zuhair Murad. This man dresses the world’s celebrities, such as Céline Dion or Nicole Kidman. And that’s not all. The couple is expecting 1,200 guests and some very prestigious ones. So, to strike an even higher profile, they have engaged the most fashionable organizer of the moment. He has one week to convert a 10,000m2 depot into a palace fit for the Arabian Nights. The couple have spent without thought of cost for just one evening. However, sometimes money can’t buy you everything and the couple are close to losing their cool. Rabih and Ghenwa don’t want to be the laughing stock of the country. Sakina, a young haute couture designer, 28, created her own house in Paris two years ago. Today, she has decided to look for new horizons and has obtained a fresh commission in Dubai… a special one: the future bride is Indian. For Sakina this is a golden opportunity. Aradhna is from a wealthy family and her fiancé, Kaveesh, is also very rich. Their wedding will be spread over more than 3 days and the ceremony is taking place in the famous Buri All Arab hotel, considered to be the only 7 Star in the world. So, Sakina is making every effort to make her mark in this world of glitter and glamor. The young entrepreneur is going to Dubai in person for the wedding dress fittings. During her stay, she will take the opportunity to introduce herself into the most inaccessible of places. Excess is on the menu and the couple are keeping a few high-level surprises in reserve for their guests.