Tourism in Morocco
  • 53'
  • Author : Sophie Romillat
  • 14-06-2009
  • Master : 1795

Tourism in Morocco, the end of the golden age ? | Doc du dimanche | France 5

Morocco is one of the favourite holiday destinations for the French, from the modest family treating itself to a dream weekend, to the young globetrotter or the retiree in search of sun. But today, with the crisis that has struck on the other side of the Mediterranean, does Morocco still have the means to develop in order to reach the goal set by the king: 10 million tourists by 2010? Five-star service in the riads, treks in the Atlas mountains to meet the Berbers, building lots at sweet prices to attract rich Europeans or luxury villas at the sea’s edge?nothing is spared in attracting the customer. Often to the detriment of the local population.