• 52'
  • Author : Sylvain Louineau
  • 20-09-2017
  • Master : 2683


On Sunday 19 June 2005, in the Aude, Didier Berthomieu is found dead in his car with a pistol in his hand. Everything points to this mason of 46 having killed himself with a bullet to his head. Only this is unthinkable for his close acquaintances: Didier was to be married the following Saturday, to one Yolande Moustrou, aged 42. Although shattered by the news, the future wife provides an explanation. Didier was depressed and wanted to finish it all. The reason? He could never accept the tragic death of his younger brother, killed in a road accident. Furthermore, expert analysis of the scene of the tragedy tends to show that the dead man did indeed put an end to his days. The case could have been closed there, but, five months later, comes a dramatic turn! The body of Jean-Pierre Garcia is discovered hanged in a shed in Narbonne, some 16 miles away. And the stunning fact is that Jean-Pierre Garcia was also about to be married… to Yolande Moustrou. Two promises of marriage with the same women and two suicides. For investigators, this must be more than a simple coincidence. And the investigation that follows holds plenty of surprises for the gendarmes… Yolande Moustrou appears to have emptied the bank accounts of the two dead men. Is she a “black widow” who devised a Machiavellian scheme to rob vulnerable men before getting rid of them?